ScanCoaching® is a method for fast and lasting transformation focused on leadership. The NLS technology is the base to reveal all the stress points on cell level in the physical body. The software uses psycho-analysis to see the cause of the stress and calculates the optimal solution based on all the collected data. The experienced ScanCoach translates the solution into concrete steps. Through awareness you can activate your own resources for a better balance and performance.


The results of our ScanCoaching sessions are constantly measured by validated questionnaires of Soffos, an independent research organization. Here you find the overall result:
Result Soffos

SZW Agency acknowledge results ScanCoaching

SZW Agency granted the European ESF sustainable employability subsidy to one of our customers whereby ScanCoaching as a product has been tested as a product to promote sustainable employability. This label indicates that the results of ScanCoaching are (European) acknowledged on this theme.

nb_vca_szw1This ESF theme focuses on the promotion of sustainable employability. Durable employees are workers who are now and in the future, healthy, motivated, competent and productive at work.